Thursday, April 17, 2014

Gremlin the Kitty

And then this happened *dies of extreme cuteness*

I keep telling myself I'm in a dream when I wake up and see there is a little kitten lying between us - it's pretty magical, life is awesome when you have a cat :) I can't believe it's taken us this long and I can't believe life existed without Gremlin!

I've written a bit more of a blurb over on my other blog if you're interested to read.

I may be gone for a bit whilst you know, I play and cuddle a certain kitty!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Sanrio - Ichigoman

Did you know Hello Kitty has an alter ego that she turns into? Well I sure didn't :P

Yuko Yamaguchi (pictured above) the original designer of Hello Kitty, drew the character Ichigoman (strawberryman) for an art exhibition and Sanrio subsequently jumped on board from there.  The story goes that Hello Kitty transforms into Ichigoman via her strawberry smart phone (how very up-to-date!) and fights off monsters born from wicked hearts - source


There is a brief write up on the Japanese Sanrio site here and from what google translate explains, Hello Kitty requires the voices of everyone saying "Power-the-Kitty!" until this chorus of chants reaches several million Hertz!  Maybe this video below is better at explaining it....

The video also features Ichigoman sidekicks - Dark Grapeman (decked out in leather and riding a motorbike) and Honeymomo who is Dark Grapeman's secretary and enjoys traveling in the side carriage

Honeymomo - looking all cute in her pink get up

And Dark Grapeman with the crazy leather get-up

There's are also a bunch of cute merchandise associated with the series, check out these super cute strawberry ears that you could/can(??) purchase at Puroland (Sanrio Themepark in Japan)

I think at one stage Ichigoman also featuree in the Puroland Stage shows but I couldn't find much info - I do like the mascot design though :)

So how do we feel about Ichigoman?
I'm personally digging those strawberry ears!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pretty Snake - Etsy

I'm sure I've featured the awesomely rad, Pretty Snake shop before but I wanted to dedicate a whole post to them because it's one awesomely cat themed etsy shop!
pretty snake - etsy
Source 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

I'm crazy smitten with that bow tie and how awesome are the men swimming trunks? I keep trying to convince Ben he should enter the world of swimming trunks over board shorts but I'm yet to convince him :P

Definitely check out their shop for lots more awesome items - I've only just featured a sample of my favs!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Werewolf - Lykoi Cats


Have you seen the new werewolf cats? Named Lykoi meaning wolf in Greek, they were bred by Johnny Gobble and Brittney Gobble, from Tennessee. Though they look like a cross between a Sphynx or Devon the breed was actually formed from two domestic shorthairs.

Johnny who is a Vet, studied genetics in college and has been breeding different species of plants and animals since he was fifteen - source 


On their website it says, "we found that the cats are healthy and the hair pattern is not from any known disease or disorder. It was determined that it was indeed a true natural mutation and the Lykoi breeding program began! September 14th, 2011 we welcomed the first kitten from a Lykoi to Lykoi Cat breeding. "

Their coat known as roan, contains an equals number of white and black hairs and their hair pattern, prone to high level of shedding, helps to get that characteristic werewolf look.

What do you think?
Would you have a Lykoi cat yourself?

I personally think they're super cute :)

Where to find out more

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Top 10 Cat Diys - Take Four

I love this round of Cat DIYS - gosh there are some super creative peeps out their blogging these days :)

source 1 / 2
 First up and vintage inspired are these hand painted kitty hangers with super sweet little faces.  There's also two adorable brooches for you to try over at the blog How to Sew

source 1 / 2
 I think that cat muff is maybe the most amazing Cat DIY I've ever seen - posted over at Handmade Charlotte! I also love that cute kitty backpack on the right from The Paper Mama

source 1 / 2
 Okay seeing these nails makes me want to step up my nail game hardcore and how about these cat kiltie shoes blogged over at lepetitpot

 Words cannot express my love for this quilt blogged over at Mermag - I love cats and I also love items with the potential to become a heirloom item :)

source 1 / 2
Pretty take on the cat ears and kitty shirt both blogged over at Minted Strawberry.

  And finally, you can't go wrong with cats and sequins - recently blogged over at A Beautiful Mess by Laura

You can also find the previous Cat DIY posts here / here / here

Do you guys have a favourite - mine definitely has to be that Cat Hand Muff which was inspired by Lit­tle Women and Hans Chris­t­ian Andersen’s The Snow Queen - so perfect!

Monday, April 7, 2014

I Wish that Came in Adult Size - Cat Chair

Today's "I wish that came in adult size" is this cat chair which I'd personally love to sit on!

Designed by Aldis Circenis for Riga Chair Company and launched in 2012 the chair comes in an assortment of cute animals but the cat chair is (obviously) my favourite.
 So cute but at a max height of 670mm - I doubt very practical for any one over kid size!

Find more about them over here

Friday, April 4, 2014

Sanrio: Hello Kitty's Family

Did you know Hello Kitty has her own family?

 photo kittysfamilyand-friends.jpg
  Hello Kitty lives with her Mum and Dad and she also has a twin sister! I remembered reading about Mimmy (the twin sister) but always seem to forget she exists.  Anyway, chances are high that if you see a cat looking identical to hello kitty but wearing a bow (usually yellow) in her right ear than it's Mimmy not Hello Kitty.

Mimmy and Hello Kitty just hanging out in a box!

The official Sanrio sites offers zero info on her family though this great site lists a little blurb on each family member, I'll share some with you...

Margaret (Grandma) She loves, baking and doing home-made embroideries for her family while sitting on her favorite rocking chair.

Mary White (Mother) She always shows love and care for her family and bakes the best apple pie baker in their neighborhood

Mimmy White (Hello Kitty's twin sister). The two of them grew up and studied together and are best friends.

George White (Father). Has a wonderful sense of humour and works hard though still finds time to spend with his family. 

Anthony (Grandpa). He is very artistic and likes to paint as well shares stories with the family.

source 1 / 2 / 3
The only other thing I could find on the family was at Puroland (The Sanrio theme park) where they appear as characters in their live action shows.

What a wholesome and cute family!

Next week I'm going to profile a much weirder side of Hello Kitty - stay tuned!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

10 Awesome Cat Things in Japan

I won't lie it was crazy fun putting together this list of awesome cat things from Japan

Cat matches with cute paw prints or milk cartons with sweet cat graphics on the front? Amazing x 1000!



I'm not sure who invented cat cafe's but I'm going to take a stab in the dark and say Japan - plus this one has a giant cat outside!


source 1 / 2
Even traditional clothing can become super cute and cat-i-fied!


4) CAT VIDEOS (and maru)

I think I have to confess that Maru will always be my favourite!

5) FREE PROMOTIONAL GOODIES (with cats on them)

 A fun thing about Japan is if you go in Summer you'll likely be handed (for advertising purposes) a fan - even better if it has cute cat graphics on it - love you Japan.  


source 1 / 2
Cats seem to be on everything including these chopstick rests - hey you wouldn't want to put your chopsticks down on the table or the big no-no of sticking them into your rice bowl!

source 1 / 2
As someone that loves weird road signs - I'm smitten with these as we just don't get cat road signs in Australia (or at least I don't think we do!)


Yes my friends that is a cat tamagotchi watch - *dies*

Ahh it's tooo much I can't take the cat cuteness any longer - you've won Japan *bows down* :P

(okay one more)
source 1 / 2
Cat tights and cat buns = cat awesome!

So, yup, I really love Japan :P

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Baby Bug

baby bug-internet-cat

Introducing Baby Bug as she is affectionately called by her owners.  


On bug's facebook profile it says "She was at a shelter and no one wanted her because she looked weird. People are so dumb - Bug is awesome." Her profile also mentions Bug likes, hair ties, ipad games, ice cream, anything that makes crinkly noises and she HATES closed doors. 


With almost 13000 followers on instagram it's easy to see why people have fallen in love with this cutie!

I think we can also add christmas trees to the list

Where to find more Bug 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy April Fools Day (from Australia)

The only silly things I could think of, ended up being mean or lame, so here's a cat poking out it's tongue instead! I hope you didn't fall victim to any pranks this year.

Make sure to keep your cat alert-ness on today (if you're in my time zone) or for tomorrow!