Monday, October 20, 2014

Cat Mom Hugs Kitten having a nightmare


An oldie but a goldie - actually one of my favourite cat videos ever!

Happy Monday everyone have a lovely week!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

10 Awesome Cat DIYs - Take Six

Time to share some DIYS! 

source 1 / source 2
 The first two diys are from the band wife, both super easy and super classy & cute - a pet toy jar and a cat print cardigan!

 How about a DIY for your cat! How sweet are all the little window details :)

 I'm just going to say it - this cat bag is my favourite DIY this roundup.  The instructions aren't in English but they are super comprehensive!

 A cat collar clip by Aki from the minted strawberry

Is it too early to start a Christmas DIY? :P 

I love love love these cat eye mask - I'm going to be on a hunt for some gold leather now!

A fun one to throw in this time - kitty ears! (last minute Halloween idea?)

Cat slippers! I think adding a cat face to anything you own is never a bad thing :)

And lucky last a fun cat origami to make, again instructions aren't in english but they're super easy!

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Battle of the Shortest Cats


In 2015 there is a new World champion for the Shortest Cat Award and it goes to Lilieput!
Lilieput The Worlds shortest cat

According to Guiness World Records official stats, 8 year old lilieput measures just 13.34 cm (5.25 in) from the floor to her shoulders.

source 1 / 2

 Lilieput was found by Christel Young as a two year old stray.  Christel's love of cats can be traced to her German childhood - wrangling feral kittens to sell to farm owners as mice hunters :).

People say to me, ‘Animals always act different around you. Why?’ And I say it’s because I ‘speak’ with them,” she said. “I’m bilingual that way, like speaking German and English.” - source


Lilieput often teased and called ugly, Christel saw the chance to turn that perception around and enter Lilieput in the Guiness World Records. “She’s my little low rider, she’s my princess now, but let her be the little queen.” - source

source 1 / 2
FizzGirl (on the left) took out the 2012 World Guinness Record for "World's Shortest Cat." and owner Tiffani Kjedergaard was hoping Fizzgirl's daughter Pixel would be the next record holder.

It seems though at the end of the day lilieput outstood them all :P

And for bonus fun time, I'm posting two videos to show some munchkin cats in action!
The first is of fizzgirl and the second of Pixel

At the end of the day no matter who is the record holder they're all cuties in my eyes!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Top 10 Cat Themed Kimonoes

I didn't realise there were so many cat themed kimonos out there until I really started to scour the pages of Google - I'm glad I did because they're all ridiculously cute :)

 First up this giant black cat applique - love the contrast on the red kimono.

 You can get the same cat design but printed on the obi - my favourite part is how you see the cute little paw on the front!

 Next up a kimono with cute cat details which you can see more closely below :)


Going a bit more subdued with the next too but still cat-centric!

(love the little paw prints embroidered on the back)

source 1 / 2
Another cat face incorporated into the obi wrap and then going with a big bold print on the right!

The next two are all about the kittens and doing what they do best being playful :)

I like the link with the playing cards too - slightly abstract but I get it :)

and this last inky last kimono is possibly my favourite :)

Oh and when I say Kimono they are possibly Yukatas, from my knowledge Yukatas are the cheaper option usually made from cotton and without the double collar.  You'll see them everywhere in department stores in Japan usually during summer when festivals are in full swing so you can get all dressed up in them :) I own both but unfortunately neither have a cat print!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Cat Video Monday: Jedi Cat Video


If you're into star wars and also cats there is a high probability you have already seen this but just in case you haven't!

Happy Monday!

Friday, October 3, 2014

52 week project 13/25


One of the things I love is when Gremlin tries to curl into himself and puts his paw over his head. In reality I think it's the equivalent to a teenager slamming their door as a blatant sign to leave them alone and stop harassing them but in my head it just looks ultra adorbs!

A portrait of Gremlin, once a week, every week for the rest of the year

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Butterscotch the cat with it's head stuck in a bird feeder


We can laugh at Butterscotch now because after three weeks of humiliation he finally got his head freed 
from what was initially believed to be a bird feeder :P

butterscotch bird-feeder stuck on head cat 

Butterscotch caused quite a stir when locals noticed a cat roaming with what appeared to be a bird feeder stuck on his head. BALA (Brandon and Area Lost Animals group) set up traps to try and catch the feline who was dubbed Butterscotch due to his colours.  The situation was made difficult due to Butterscotch being able to see out of one eye and thus still able to run, and even jump to evade rescuers.  Further alarm was bought to the situation when a man sabotaged rescue attempts by shining lights, clapping his hands and even toppling over the traps put in place - source

 (gosh makes me so mad at the cruelly of people!!!)

source 1 / 2

The story definitely has a happy ending with Butterscotch being caught and then managing to dislodge his head from what was then discovered to be an insect catcher.  Despite fears of not being able to drink or eat, his healthy condition on capture led BALA to believe he was able to do both during his ordeal - source.  The icing on the cake is after Butterscotch was found having no tags, identification microchips or tattoos he was put up for adoption via Funds for Furry Friends Animal Rescue and has since found his forever home!

BALA posted updates during the three weeks which you can read here

A big thank- you to all the volunteers who devoted countless hours to the capture of Butterscotch and for his lovely new family for adopting him :)

Just look at that cutie!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Top 10 Cat Street Art/Graff - Take 5


More awesome cat street art for your eyes!
 Starting off with another cool c215 cat stencil!

source 1 / 2
 How about this awesome Cat Mosaic Park in Kyiv (Kiev) Ukraine

source 1 / 2
 A lovely capture from George Town, Penang, found over at the lovely blog, the present is and a cool piece from Japan on the right!

 This guy was painted by UK artist Hitnes for the Chichester Street Art Festival in 2013

 A wiked DMS piece!

source 1 / 2
 The left guy was found in Brussels and the Maneki Neko on the streets of San Fran!

 And the lucky last two are also from George Town - which makes me really want to visit George Town!

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Pizza Hut over run by Cats in Japan

Okay people you know I'm kind of crazy for cats *nods* and also random Japanese videos *nods* and I also love pizza so today I'm delivering the trifecta! This first video (isn't my favourite) but introduces you to the four cats that appear within the other randomly awesome videos below (and yup I'm posting them all because they're bizarre and great!)

The cats by the way are Techno (the largest of all the cats and who seems to be the boss of the store) Hime the sweet white cat (who loves to sit on things), Dora the orange tabby and Detch the grey tiger. 

 "Grand Opening! -Pizza Cat! Store-"

Now for a whole lot of random-ness below!

"I don’t allow even a speck of dust, see?"
hint: Detch on a roomba vacuum

"Don't get cute with us, we're not working for money."
hint: Tencho eating(?) money :P 

"The spreadsheet demon!"
hint: Hime sitting on a keyboard and trying to eat a fake plant.

 "Vehicles just excite me. Funny, heh?"
hint: Detch pushing a cart 

"Hey boy, don’t you want change?"
hint: Hime opening the cash register

"Here to protect the deliciousness of our pizza!"
hint: ??? :P 

"Destination checked! We'll be there safe driving."
hint: Dora playing with a toy 

"It's time for work, y'all!"
hint: Tencho hitting the alarm 

"Dressed to kill for the day!"
hint: all the cats in their uniforms

"Shut up, paws off the phone! They're all for me!"
hint: Hime sitting on the phone

"Morning assembly! Fire us up!"
hint: ???

Whatever you do make sure you have watched at least one video for the catchy theme cry at the end!

I hope this made your Monday - thanks Japan :)